Open Fiber Studio at the Old Creamery Studio

The Weaving Studio, upstairs at the Old Creamery Quilt Shop, will be open the second Thursday of each month from 5-8 pm starting May 10th for spinning, weaving, knitting or any fiber craft you'd like to do.  Come earlier, before 5 pm, if you'd like to shop at the Quilt or Yarn Shops.

For spinners, Janelle has some wonderful roving in the yarn shop and with shearing coming up and Shepherds Harvest, don't forget the Woolen Mill for processing your yummy wool.  We could go into big spinning production!  There are gorgeous new yarns in the yarn shop for both weaving and knitting.  Linda is keeping us in mind for weaving and we should explore some projects.  We have continued group studies going on too.  The current study group is card weaving which is really neat.  

Bring something to eat for yourself if you'd like.  There are some food opportunities in the area to go to or stop and get something.  Some evenings maybe we could plan to bring in food to share.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Studio!  For more information, contact rebeccathingvold@gmail.com

Open Fiber Studio at the Old Creamery Studio