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In the Meadow by Sweet Bee Designs

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The inspiration for In the Meadow comes from the love that Shari shares with her husband Dan. Each piece has been carefully curated, draw, and designed from their life experiences that they have shared together.


The Main Floral represents how their love has grown and bloomed over the years, with a mix of personal struggles that they have faced together. Blooms represents them as one, a united couple with the same desires and goals in life. Love Birds shows how their love is always united with a playful role. Garden is a reminder that they have a fresh new start each day and to seek the light and joy in life, even when life gets messy. Love Notes was written as a reminder to always keep that spark ignited in their marriage. Heart Scatter is a reminder to share love with others, to always serve and a reminder of their sweet angels. Tuxedo represents the strenght and comfort she receives from her husband.


"In the Meadow" is so versatile in the way it was designed. It can be used for quilting, clothing, wedding gifts and so much more! Let "In the Meadow" help you tell a sweet story of love, hope, and create an heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation.