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Embrace Double Gauze Fabric

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Our exclusive, double-gauze Cotton Embrace® fabric features a breathable and natural construction that becomes softer with every wash. Suitable for swaddle blankets, apparel, baby products, accessories, and more.
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Coral Emdandelion Embrace


Blush La-La--Llama Embrace


Blush Little One Embrace


Cloud Small Wonders Embrace 48/50


Coral Queen Anne's Lace Embrace


Elephants Silver Embrace 48/50


EMBEARHUGS Banana Bear Hugs Embrace 48/50


EMBEEP Snow Beep Embrace Double Gauze Cotton


EMCOWSPOTS Steel Cow Spots Embrace Double Gauze Cotton


EMDOODLE Breeze Doodle Embrace Double Gauze Cotton


EMLAMBIE Lambie Steel Embrace 48/50


EMLUCKYSTAR Saltwater Lucky Star Embrace Double Gauze Cotton


EMWILLYNILLY Honeydew Willy Nilly Embrace Double Gauze Cotton


Malibu Fun Dot Embrace


Natura Red Fox Embrace Double Gauze


Pink Small Wonders Embrace 48/50


Saltwater Straight and True Embrace


Saltwater Up Up and Away Embrace


Teal Plumage Embrace